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The Spanish Council of Singapore

Worldwide University studies conclude that private lessons are the fastest and most effective way to learn a new language. 

Many people either can’t take advantage of this because they don’t know this fact or don’t because they aren’t sure they will find a quality teacher to instruct them.

The Spanish Council of Singapore is here to help! We offer high-quality private language lessons with the ease and efficiency of homeschooling.

At the Spanish Council of Singapore, all our teachers are native, qualified and certified to the highest standards. We carefully select every teacher before admitting them to our institution. Only those with the most impressive qualifications, experience and performance are accepted. Our care helps to guarantee you receive high-quality private Spanish lessons that match your expectations.

Invest in your future now by learning Spanish. Finding excellent Spanish classes in Singapore doesn’t need to be complicated. Our online lessons will help you achieve your objective, whether you wish to study Spanish from scratch, need to prepare for a specific exam or are learning for pleasure. Schedule your first lesson online today!

Our Courses


Playful language teaching, specifically designed to meet the needs of pupils from 4-12 years old. 

We offer Spanish courses for kids from 3 years and up. Start early to pave your child’s way for success with a solid education foundation. Mastery of the Spanish language is enhanced through quality learning from a young age.

Spanish Lessons for Kids 


Engaging individual tuition boosts learning potential by focusing on the specific interests of our 13 to 19-year-old students. 

Learning Spanish for a teenager can be fun and structured. A balanced curriculum secures your child’s mastery of the language so they can achieve excellent grades in High School and enter a top university. 

Spanish Lessons for Teens


Content tailored to everyday situations. Choose core topics that are relevant to you and which you prefer.

Study Spanish in a small group class where it’s easy to make new friends while learning how to communicate effectively in Spanish. Lessons are adaptive, fun and interesting.

 Spanish Lessons for Adults 

Why learn Spanish?

Language Similarities

Because of its similarities to English, learning Spanish is easier to understand than many other languages. Its pronunciation is also very straightforward. Even those who have never learned Spanish before can learn to pronounce almost every Spanish word within 5 minutes, even if they don’t understand its meaning. 

In addition, many Spanish words resemble English ones. Other languages like French, in comparison, are much harder to pronounce. Spanish grammar is more complex than English, but it is easy to understand. It just requires some extra effort to memorise the different rules. With a beginners course, you will learn to communicate basic ideas and concepts and speak accurately. Using our many years of experience teaching fluent English speakers, we have developed the best approach to make learning Spanish an easy, fun and smooth process for all.

Learning a language is a long term project. It is essential to keep things uncomplicated so students can see their growth. The knowledge that you are progressing and mastering the language helps keep most people motivated.

2nd Most Spoken Language

Did you know that Spanish has the second most native speakers of any language? It ranks third as the most spoken language in the world after English and Chinese. So if you are looking to learn a third language to communicate with the rest of the world, your best choice is Spanish.

Many students choose to learn Spanish because of its career progression potential. Learning Spanish could help you stand out in a sea of similar candidates. Others choose to study Spanish because they have a passion for travel. Knowledge of the Spanish language will enable you to travel to a wide range of countries, experience the culture and interact with locals authentically. You miss out on these opportunities if you only speak English. And, thanks to its similarities to English, some students learn it just as a fun hobby. 

Spanish is spoken in Spain, throughout Central America, South America, and some parts of the US like California and Florida. You’ll have ample chance to use your newly found skills no matter why you choose to learn Spanish.

Enrich Your Travel Experience

There is no better way to travel than to know the language of your destination. By learning Spanish, you simplify travelling and grant yourself the chance to immerse yourself in local cultures and traditions. Locals can show you the best places in town, tell you their personal experiences, and recommend fun things to do. And knowledge of English in Spanish speaking countries is often limited. If you want to travel and experience these countries at their best, it is essential to communicate in Spanish. Don’t forget most locals may be shy or embarrassed to talk to you in English. If you speak to them in Spanish, they will be more likely to engage in conversation and try their best to help you.

Take a Spanish class first, then travel to a Spanish-speaking country and make your travel more memorable. Get to know people, make new friends in a new place, and journey with total peace of mind. Even if you don’t have that much time to learn Spanish, our teachers can give you the basics you need, with phrases and tips to better use your limited Spanish. With our help, you will still be able to get around and solve minor problems along your way.

About The SCSG

The Spanish Council of Singapore was established to expand knowledge and understanding of the Spanish language and culture here in Singapore. Our board members are all distinguished professionals in their field. They ensure our project stability and take responsibility for achieving the goals of our organisation. We have a large team of Spanish teachers, all native speakers from Spain or other Spanish speaking countries. And each of our instructors holds a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in teaching Spanish.

We are always looking for new ways to bring the Spanish language and culture closer to Singapore. Since the start of covid-19, we have adapted our teaching to keep up with the challenges of today. We even arranged a host of online events to stay in line with our long term goals. With us, it is easier than ever to find first-rate Spanish classes in Singapore. 

  1. An experienced, qualified, and motivated team of professionals supports the success of our organisation.
  2. We teach Spanish in Singapore via private lessons because we understand that one-on-one or small group environments are best for learning a new language successfully. 
  3. We value high comprehension of different teaching techniques and a thorough understanding of the Spanish syllabus. These allow us to teach efficiently.
  4. Our company promotes Spanish culture in Singapore by coordinating exciting events to represent Spain and its traditions.

Our Teachers

What our Students say

15:54 10 Feb 23
I am happy to have my spanish class via zoom with Alba. Alba is a fun and friendly teacher to learn Spanish with. She is very patient and flexible. The content of the lessons is structured and she moves at the pace that is comfortable for me. A big thank you to Sandro, from the Spanish Council for organising these online classes.
riz tolstoyriz tolstoy
10:21 07 Feb 23
Alessandra enjoys learning Spanish with Jorgelina to prepare her Spanish IB exam next year. Jorgelina is a very effective tutor, friendly and make her lesson enjoyable. Alessandra always looks forward for her session. As a first-time Spanish student, her schoolwork result is also awesome.
Alejandro DomínguezAlejandro Domínguez
05:49 30 Dec 22
Learning a new language is not easy and needs a lot of dedication. I have been taking Spanish lessons for more than a year and I am very happy with my progress. Teacher Jorgelina has helped me a lot, thank you Jorgelina.
Yoan AmsellemYoan Amsellem
08:12 29 Dec 22
Spanish lessons at the Spanish Council have been super useful.Learning online is so convenient and the teachers are always very prepared to make the classes interactive and interesting.Gracias!!
pianist pianistpianist pianist
06:40 16 Dec 22
online private lessons with a native qualified spanish teacher. My Spanish is improving and I can communicate with my teacher ( Pedro) . I will try another teacher soon just to learn and communicate with more native teachers.
Anushka NainaniAnushka Nainani
08:19 08 Dec 22
"I have had Jorgelina as my Spanish teacher. She is very skilful and she always knows how to reply my questions. I appreciate her punctuality and her motivation to teach me Spanish. Her lessons are very interactive and I like her teaching approach. She gives me homework to practise by myself which is helpful. Thank you Jorgelina
Eva WongEva Wong
05:49 29 Sep 22
the teachers prepare the spanish lessons and try to explain very well. if you want to learn Spanish fast their private courses are ideal. highly recommend language school.
Carmen JordánCarmen Jordán
10:26 29 Aug 22
My 6 years old daughter joined lessons at the Spanish council because she was too shy to speak Spanish at home. Her teacher encouraged her to talk and now she lost her fear to speak and communicate in Spanish.
catherina puschcatherina pusch
14:14 26 May 22
Wonderful native Spanish tutor from Spain. My Spanish is improving steadily after 2 months of private lessons. Thank you very much The Spanish Council Singaopre. Cheers.
ori Jori J
06:12 01 May 22
Attended the trial lesson. Great native Spanish teacher with good English as well .I enjoyed the trial lesson . Looking forward to learn from the native Spanish teacher ( regular lessons) next week .
Anne-Sophie LübkerAnne-Sophie Lübker
14:56 21 Feb 22
I am learning Spanish with Lucia and love her fun and motivating way of teaching grammar and pronunciation. Thank you so much for preparing me for my DELE with so much patience❤️☺️
Hana YeungHana Yeung
07:10 21 Feb 22
I have been learning Spanish with teacher Jorge. His lessons are very organized, and we follow the official syllabus to learn Spanish as a foreign language since I wanted to prepare for the DELE exam. I love his lessons!
Lawan PromthongLawan Promthong
05:28 29 Jan 22
I have been taking Spanish lessons online with Iñaki. He is very experienced and I enjoy his dynamic teaching style. I would definitely recommend him if you want to take Spanish classes on a private basis.
Yoan AmsellemYoan Amsellem
09:13 21 Dec 21
After taking a Spanish class at the Spanish Council I am satisfied with the progress and the learning outcome. My teacher was well prepared and knew how to keep the class interesting and engaging. I would recommend it to my friends if they want to learn Spanish.

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