French lessons in Singapore

The French Council of Singapore is one the leading education providers for French lessons in Singapore.

They follow the official curriculum of the Diploma of French as a Foreign Language and students regardless of their age can prepare for the DELF diploma. This exam is available for young learners (DELF Prim), teenagers (DELF Junior) and adults (standard DELF).

With a team of native French teachers qualified with a degree or master in teaching and many years of teaching experience, they will make sure that all students progress at their full potential. Their program coordinators can recommend students their best path to achieve their learning goals as soon as possible.

French being is the 5th language most spoken in the world, making it very important in business settings as well as for travel and leisure proposes. Knowing French will set you apart from other individuals. Paris is the second most visited city in the world, so knowing French will also help you if you plan to visit there.

Learning a new language requires time and dedication, that is why is extremely important to have a teacher that is stable and can help motivating you. Otherwise you will want to give up half way. At the French Council of Singapore they understand this and so they make sure that their teachers are reliable and responsible to teach their students for the long term.

At the French Council of Singapore they will make sure not only that high quality teachers are provided but also that lessons are well structured, following the official books and program to learn French as a Foreign Language as per the European Framework of Languages.

If you prefer having lessons from home, the French Council of Singapore offers online lessons that are scheduled at your convenient time as well as they can send the teacher to directly to your door.

To master French as well as any other languages, is not a matter of memorising vocabulary words. You need to be able to master all abilities, speaking, listening, reading and writing. That is why is extremely important to be in hands with a professional that can create effective class dynamics to improve in each of these skills.

Feel free to contact the French Council via whatsapp or email and they will be glad to respond any questions you may have.

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