Spanish Classes for Adults

Spanish Lessons for Adults

Our Spanish program for adult learners follows the official syllabus to learn Spanish as a foreign language. Accordingly, all the topics needed to pass the Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) are covered. 


These topics are the same one any new student who aims to communicate in Spanish for his or her daily needs would need. And at a basic level, these include a self-introduction, describing people, your job, your home and city, your daily routine, your hobbies, numbers, time, food etc.


The progression path for these classes is from A1.1 (the complete beginner) to C1. Students who complete A1.1 + A1.2 + A.1.3 will be eligible to pass the DELE A1 exam (Diploma of Spanish as a foreign language).

Classes practice all skills essential for mastering a foreign language. These include reading, writing, speaking and listening. Since lessons take place in small groups, there will be plenty of chances to practise speaking and listening skills, which are usually the ones that students find the hardest. 


Additionally, if students find difficulties in a specific area, the teacher will adapt the class to ensure learners master the skill correctly. If someone is still encountering complications, the teacher can provide extra exercises to practise at home. There are also classes focused on practising for specific exam levels and types for students who wish to prepare for an exam. 


In our private online one-to-one sessions, students receive the full individual attention of their assigned teacher. This approach allows students to progress quickly and confidently while receiving all attention they require. Furthermore, the teacher can focus on specific student weaknesses and create the continuous positive interaction necessary for effective language learning.

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